Saturday, June 18, 2011

"We Are Meant To Be Here...

"We step from one piece of holy ground to the next under stars that ask,
       "imagine, for one second, you can drop in on a past life -
        what would you find yourself doing there?  What would charm you,
        make you proud?",
and the question of what to do in THIS life becomes so simple it's terrifying.  Just to do the thing that would charm you, make you say the answers thrill you.     
Do THAT, and you're ALIVE!"                                 (quote from TV show: Millennium, 1999, Season 2)

                                                           ~WELCOME ~

We know our interior terrains far exceed anything we could ever imagine.  We take note of the most notable which often propels us to move in some particular and new direction.  In that unfamiliar territory, we attempt to draw out the boundaries of our newly known world.  This new Earth is where we can be our own Columbus or our own Shape-Shifter claiming and re-claiming who we are at every moment - eyes wide open to the explorations underfoot, always discovering we walk on a never ending path into the next story of our lives.

Our stories are universal - sure, we may all have differing and extenuating circumstances, but the archetypal self connects deeply and on multiple levels - it is on those levels, that quantum part of us, where our universal truths reside.  Here, on QuantumCartography, through our shared experiences of our interior maps we are constantly redefining, we will be reminded of how boundless we are, though unfinished, and yet, how self-regenerating and Beautiful our Humanity is.

WHO are you, today?

WHAT is a phenomenal experience that has reshaped your map?

What EPIPHANY called you to traversed into an "undiscovered country" of your life?

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