Friday, June 24, 2011

"To Sleep, Perchance to Dream..."

How many thinkers and writers, before and after Shakespeare, (as in the quote above, from Hamlet - III, i, 65-68)  have written about dreams and dreaming and the sometimes surreal whole life experiences that can occur when our bodies are at total rest?  Upon waking up, are we any different because of the dream or the hope the dream could bring?

In the Universe of the Quantum, our waking life isn't just it.  We are material and subtle energy.  How do we know our dreams aren't just mind-movies?

Have you ever felt that in waking up, the who you always imagined you were, no longer is?  What happened in the midst of sleep that would forever change your perception of not only your self, but Life as you have always known it?

You walk around during the day certain something is wrong - your feet don't quite feel right, you feel like you are trying out your new skin, but in our Newtonian world of the empirical, how could that possibly be?  You look in the mirror and know that what you are seeing is your face, but your reflection... something is not quite right, but you can't see it, only sense it.

Darned if you could ever remember and even if you could at this point, would it matter?!  Today, THIS day, this is who you are.

The issue is, whatever path you were on, the you today is different enough to, in all probability, take you off that path, pulling you onto another.  Maybe, you are no longer certain of the veracity (or even the ownership) of your choices.

Along those lines, have you ever felt you were "beside yourself" when you made a decision that impacted the direction of a particular area of your life?  Or have you had a dream or some other awareness that moved you into creating a new map of your worldview?

If it is true, that "We Are Meant To Be Here", as I quoted in my 1st posting, then the person who we are today, is exactly the right person to be here, now - so what markings on your map will be created based on the acceptance of this new perspective of self?  What has already shifted in your life because of this new worldview?

Tell me your story...

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